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Kinematics is the relationships between the positions, velocities, and accelerations of the links of a manipulator, where a manipulator is an arm, finger, or leg. In this chapter, we will develop a mathematical framework for describing these relationships, in particular position.

In the kinematic analysis of manipulator position, there are two separate problems to solve: direct kinematics, and inverse kinematics. Direct kinematics involves solving the forward transformation equation to find the location of the hand in terms of the angles and displacements between the links.

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Robot Kinematics Simulator


MatLab Simulink Toolbox Software for robotics and vision system  Prof.Peter Corke  (The University of Queensland – Australia)

3D model based software, Prof. S.K. Saha  (Dep.of Mechanical Eng, Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi IITDelhi)





RPY angle sets

RPY – Rotation Simulation 

ZYZ – Rotation Simulation  

Euler angles


ZYZ Rotation